Monday, April 23, 2012


I can't believe it has been a week since I posted. I didn't have the fight to get on the computer. Not that my girls put up a fight, but I felt unable to even ask. I'm not sure why.I'm passionate about writing, but I found myself slug-like watching the loops of TV shows on Netflix with them. I wanted to sit in the room with the girls.
I find I can't concentrate with the dialogue. I guess I was in a funk. I have been often if you read this blog, but usually I write something. This week, a break must have been necessary, I hope.
I hate looking at the stats as the writing time lags ever more each day. I wonder if writing is really what I'm supposed to do. The dream remains as the work load increases. I need to do the best job everywhere.
I love to blame it on the weather or lack of sun. Is it my Vitamin D sagging? We don't seem to be getting the snow predicted. I believe it has settled in the mountains and farther north. Again, as much as I complain about this area's weather, we have moderate highs and lows most of the time. Even our earthquakes from fracking are mild, with none recently.
So, I hope to get back on schedule. I have been thinking more about when I was in sixth grade as well as reading quite a bit. Finished two books this weekend. My dog also is reacting to my funk by tearing up papers or whatever else he can find. Enough to drive me crazy. Cat in the Hat? anyone?
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