Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fascinated By the Story

I've been thinking about the blog and the direction of its content. Musings is just that, a wandering, a pondering of my thoughts. I wrote about family history some, my history. I got stuck in sixth/ seventh grade. I've been on a rabbit trail of sorts, it seems. 
I need to reread  my posts so as not to repeat stories. To say I've been distracted is part of it. Tired, too, I believe as we are in normal spring weather, now, with cooler temps. Today, Saturday, a day off is gray, but not raining.
I need time to regroup as it were. I've been thinking again about David and Mary Thompson, my ancestors from the early 1800's that built Mt. Hickory. That seemed to be the story to start me on my writing journey in earnest, eleven years ago. I set the beginning in April of the novel I had started to write. I started working full time and the research halted to a grind. I also misplaced my notes on them, when Katie needed a three ring binder for school late at night, so I took my notes out and gave her the binder. The notes were not in the obvious places.
Their youngest daughter was named Felicity. She died when she was eleven. When I cross the bridge over Pine Hollow out of Sharpsville, I think did she drown in the creek when it was high in the spring, black waters rushing over her? It would have been just down the hill from Mt. Hickory. But the thing is there are only dates in cemeteries.
I think of Mary with a lilting Scottish accent, although they have been out of Scotland over a hundred years. She was born in Washington County, in southwestern Pennsylvania. Her parents from Maryland, Queen Anne's County, both of Scottish names- Campbell and Satterfield.
Oh, for the day, I can research and write full time. I don't want to the dream to die. Sometimes, when life gets busy, I feel a dimness in the glow of the dream. The ember, though, will not go out.
For my family, I hope this gives some more insight into our history. I hope I didn't bore anyone else. The Thompsons have just been in my thoughts lately. The beginning of industry in our Valley, coal and then steel. I am fascinated by the story.
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