Monday, January 2, 2012

I Have a Picture

My picture for the year came to my mind this morning as I was reading Matthew 11:25-30, an old-fashioned yoke with the dawn's light filtering through. So clear in my mind, I felt it would just show up in images, but that is not happening. I guess I have to capture the picture myself by going to the old farm museum in Mercer.
The scene describes how I want to be yoked with Jesus, taking His burden, that is easy and light. I do not want to step out this year without Jesus with me. The new day's rays behind the yoke would show the new year, the newness of following Jesus every day. I love to waken the dawn, that is when I pray the most and listen to the still small voice.
After I had felt this was my picture for the year, the sun shone brightly through thinner clouds than the thick ones smothering the day, but the blue sky didn't reveal itself. I absorbed the filtered sun as it penetrated my mood. A symbol that the Light is always shining in my life, even when oppression of gray bears down on me. The oppression, like the clouds today, may not go away immediately, but the Light shines behind the clearing of the layers, always ready for me to see.
Jesus said it best, of course, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
This year as I plow ahead with my writing, continuing with my nursing and living life, I pray for that yoke to never leave me as I allow the burden of Christ to be the only one I carry.
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