Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Stealing

 My girlfriend, Ginny Stewart Pierson on facebook writes about her aunt. I graduated not only from high school with Ginny, but also from Jameson Hospital School of Nursing. Her aunt Donna that she writes about was at Jameson when we were there. I just agree with Ginny, these people who lived through the Depression and World War II are different stock than the majority of people today. I don't want to put down the next generations, but I believe there a lot of lessons to be learned from this generation that is fading fast.
If you have any stories of how people overcame great difficulties, please share. Let's encourage everyone.
Spent the weekend in New Wilmington helping Aunt Donna move from her apartment, she will not be able to return. The amazing part was listening and learning about her amazing life. She was a trailblazer for women and for nursing. Also learning more about their childhood, sure wasn't easy, no government dependency. What I learned is struggle can make you stronger and evermore determined. What I fear is that today if people have any hardship they look to someone else to get them out of it. If my grandmother would have done the same we could have turned into a family of government dependents. I think I now realize what the greatest gift is I have received from my family. Well I think I may have always known it but it is good to have some reminders. Truly why they will always be known, for me at least, as the greatest generation
Ginny Stewart Pierson
She is doing well mentally,her back has failed her, but she doesn't complain.She remembers where EVERYTHING she owns came from and the story that brought it to her. She remembers conversations from when she was a student to her time at Pitt and Duquesne(sp) and when she was came back to Jameson, it was for the first NLN accreditation, either get accredition or close the school, she believed strongly in the diploma program even though she had received her BSN and 2 Masters. She knows many if not all of the graduates, names, year and where they went off to. She remembers what table cloth I borrowed for my wedding. I wish there were more people like her. I should have paid alittle more attention. The only time she cried was when she read a letter her mother wrote to her father who had abandoned them when she was 2 and Dad was 3. At 80 yrs old that's where her pain lies.
She was Director of Nursing when we were there, then she became Sr. Vice President, which is the position she retired from. When we were there her office was on the first floor in the Pediatric Dept. Then she moved up to the 4th floor. It's funny because if she hears news about someone in our class she tells me about it.
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