Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life Coaching

I met up with a mentor in life, Jeanne McAdams, the other day. Jolly Jeanne we sometimes called her. She is positive, understanding and an encourager and motivator.
Jeanne and I started home health at the same time. She is ten years older than I, but I had tens years experience in nursing over her. Sitting at our desks on opposite ends of a long row, early in the dark mornings, trying to catch up on the paper work. I believe it was 530AM or 6, bleary eye, but so wanting to get this new experience correct. All we wrote in the home folders had to match  the charts in the office, much documentation on teaching from care plans and medication teaching. All us nurses in that office on the Shenango Valley Freeway were rookies at home health. Then  we all met up again after 5PM to try to catch up with doctors, they didn't appreciate calls during their office hours- Thank God that has changed and so glad for fax machines. Now, some patients think all we input into our lap tops goes directly to their doctor...if only.
Over the years and working for two different companies together,doing Mary Kay together, swimming at the Radison, having her daughter baby sit my girls, a deep relationship developed. We even worked at a third home health, but not together. She did evening visits at Sharon, while I took my first foray to Senior Independence. We phone each other often about our different experiences.  She ventured into travel nursing just before I went to work for Sharon Regional Home Health.
Jeanne has a granddaughter in the Valley, so she makes sure she gets back her to see the baby. Now that child is three, Jeanne doesn't want to travel anymore. Bedside nursing has become such a business. Hospitals operate on customer satisfaction anymore. No patient teaching, may make them feel bad. Can't tell them what to do. Jeanne tells me that Medicare reimburses with patient satisfaction, now. I know we have to meet outcomes.
I told Jeanne how excited I was about writing and wished I could do more. She gathered my enthusiasm and motive, brainstormed some ideas for making it happen. I feel she could be a life coach and as we conversed, I believe that was the conclusion.
Now, I'm in her smart phone, I hope we keep closer in touch. Everyone needs a friend/mentor like Jeanne.
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