Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybe We Should Have Had Plaza Pizza Tonight!

Why was I so excited to see Plaza Pizza on the table the other night? What is it and why is it so great to me? Because of the other story I didn't really explain Plaza Pizza, so now I will.
Plaza Pizza is in the Hermitage Towne Plaza, for years known as Hickory Plaza. Before the mall was built in 1969, the Plaza contained the shopping events, like Santa coming to town. Penney's, Sears(Mr. Powell worked there part time), a bakery,(the name has escaped me!), Stambaugh Thompson's, the best hardware store, ever. Over the years, Bantam Cinema, Cinema 3, our neighbors, Billy and Francine Thompson operated The Yum, Yum Tree that sold magnificent pies, Zayer's, Jamesway and I'm sure a million other names you could add. Plaza Pizza survived the years.
Plaza Pizza sells large trays, so we always had it at any parties. Youth group in the gym or in someone's rec room in their basement. If you had a group coming, you had Plaza Pizza. And played pool while listening to Y-103.
I love it because of the yeasty doughy thick crust and the sweet pepper sauce, thick mozzarella cheese, especially if someone ordered extra cheese. That long white box screamed party time. Slumber parties with girls eating all night.
Katie showed surprise at my delight at seeing Plaza Pizza. The owner of Pizza Joe's goes to our church so for any event there, boxes of Pizza Joe line the tables. We had Pizza Joe's at her graduation open house. I think I had forgotten Plaza Pizza. The last time I ordered it, my old Bible study came to my house for a party. Warren and Tracy Sullivan picked it up for me, since my girls were young, and I couldn't leave them to get it. Plaza Pizza doesn't deliver.
This pizza on the table and bottles of pop, with a bowl of ice, along with chips and a cake or dessert thrown in has "Party" written all over it.
Everyone seemed to order it for their get togethers.
Maybe we should have all had Plaza Pizza tonight!
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