Monday, September 26, 2011

My Comment on Poor Enough

JoAnn Butrin was at our church this weekend. I bought her book,”From the Roots Up” I think any mission minded person should read this. JoAnn is the director of International Ministries for the Assemblies of God World Missions. I’m only on chapter 3, but she has already addressed the superiority complex we get when we help that can even hinder the souls we want to see saved. First, we need to know what people really want and need, by 1. Establishing Trust, 2. Listening, 3. Assessment, 4. Participation in Solutions.
I have tried over the years(19) as a home health nurse to incorporate these in my practice. My main goal always is the golden rule- love people as myself, treat them the way I’d want my parents treated. Not patting myself on my back, but I have been told I am different than most of the nurses. I always pray it is the Holy Spirit in me, that helps me respect their dignity. Not all are poor- in fact, sometimes they are the easy ones for which to care. Some are very rich, materially- they are the tougher nuts to crack as it were. They have already put me in the subservient role. But with God’s help, I love on them anyway.
I think it is important to not lose sight that all are created in the image of God, God loves them all and His desire is that “none shall perish” He is no respecter of persons and neither should we. I guess that is why I love what I do. I am privileged to go into so many different homes and bring God’s presence with me. I have been in Muslim, Jehovah Witness, pagan, and atheist homes. I have had “Church” in some homes. Did you ever pray for blood and urine? And then sing praises when God answered that prayer?
Well, now that I pep talked myself into my Monday, I pray others are as eager as I am to meet God’s heart and desire for the lost world.
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