Friday, September 9, 2011

Sixth Grade- Oakview Elementary 1972

The day came after a restless night of dreams where everything bad happens on the first day of school. My teacher, Mrs. Janosko, a tall, imposing dark hair and eyed woman, informed us that sixth grade was to prepare us for seventh grade and high school. My class did not have all my comforting friends who had been with me since first and second grade, we were mixed up. They would be in my reading and math classes, but these new people would be in all the other classes. Unease invaded my day. Some of these kids already smoked which in my sheltered world meant really bad. One girl had a bosom that made her looked like she would tip over. I think she should have been in ninth grade, and she wore make up.
I was afraid of changing classes in my familiar hall that was to get me ready for high school the next year. I was afraid of the cool kids that I didn't know. I was relieved to be in my classes with my old familiar people.
These kids were not strangers, except for the girl with the big breasts, they were just not in my group.
By the end of the day of staring at each other and feeling out the sixth grade hierarchy of social status, a new friendship bloomed. Sherry in a month would move to town and we attached to each other. A friendship in this new stage. We would never have played make believe of Peter Pan and Oliver, Indians, princesses and mermaids. No hidden fear of outgrowing each other, since we met in the new life of sixth grade. We only played dolls once when my parents sent her to my best friend's house where we were playing dolls. Sherry jumped right in, but an awkwardness overcame me. Did she think I was immature? But that year, Tracy moved to Grove City and that friendship then changed forever.
A bright hot day in Oakview Elementary where life changed like the leaves outside. Sixth grade stretched me in many directions. Life changes aiding my growth.
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