Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday Night

I don't know quite how to put my thoughts from Saturday night's Valley Alive into words. I felt compelled to acknowledge God in my writing. I thought how even a year ago, few people knew my writing aspirations. I had to prove to myself that I could finish a story, I had discipline. As I thought back on my postings, I feel I have lifted Jesus up. I want to.
I worry, especially after reading the How to e-book and listening to a free webinar on getting published, that the difficulties are great. Sharing a computer with the family, working full time, and having minor health problems or just being tired are some obstacles. I'm spunky, yet I can despair. I believe, yet doubt in subtle ways.
My writing was in the dark, quiet of my mind. Some knew. I asked a few friends to pray for my keeping at it. Two years ago, it was getting up at 4, so I would have an hour to write. Then it was,"Is an hour enough?" I had to be isolated. When Mary Ellen went to FL for National Fine Arts and Katie was still at Institute of Art in Pittsburgh, I felt free to write in the evening.
Now, sometimes with the blog I write even when they are in the room, either reading or watching a movie. I have more time to write now they are not small and they know I write.
I feel as I put my desire out there and have had some positive feedback, my wings are drying off. Saturday evening, I felt the Lord is my Patron. He has put this dream in my heart and my ability with work that He has opened my eyes to see He is cheering for me.
I have so many ideas of stories to honor God. I hope even these life stories, especially of my dad and family will show that a life in Jesus is fun, adventuresome and to be cliche', quite rewarding. I am sure without a look back that this is what I'm to be doing. Telling through stories a life lived with Jesus.
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