Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sometimes I must say part of being a nurse, hospital or home health, is being privileged to join in a patient's life. Often it is funerals, but today was a wedding. I don't want to say too much because of privacy.
When I cared for people in the hospital, I cared for the families, too. As people approached the end of life or went through a crisis, the family shared memories with me. Listening to these stories was an honor. It isn't a body in a bed or Room 224b. I could never protect myself from caring.
I have been through many calling hour lines, one just last week. I have sat through funerals when I could get the time off work to do so. I have cried with families.
Today, a joyous time was shared with me. I was invited to be part of a celebration. The daughters welcomed me. One showed me the bridal table. They all thanked me for caring.
I cannot express the deep down feeling of love from them I am feeling because they sense my caring. Tears float in my eyes.
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