Wednesday, August 24, 2011 10 easy ways to make sure your kids won't be Chri... 10 easy ways to make sure your kids won't be Chri...: Want your kid to walk away from God?  Here's a sure-fire formula, my friends.  Follow this easy-to-use guide to turn them away from God  and..
This is a problem we have in our churches. There are some interesting comments about this post. I think we need to discuss it, but also pray about the youths leaving church. It is sad enough that college students go through the season of testing and we pray. I think we need to pray more. That is where my heart is, the college students. But there are new statistics that we are even losing the kids as early as junior high. And just the other day I heard that only 20% of the post college students return to church. Now that is sad. It used to be 80%.
I'd love to hear your input on keeping children in the fold as it were. Steering to follow hard after Jesus. We need to pray for our kids.
I just know Jesus promised,"The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church." The question, "Is the Church just opening those gates and letting people go to hell?"
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