Friday, August 12, 2011

My First E-Book

Mary DeMuth is a gracious writer, not holding anything back. Last month, she offered a free E-book, 11 Secrets to Getting Published. I finished it a few days ago, but was in the middle of my Preachers series and had already interrupted it twice.
From the first words, I knew this book would be so helpful, like a friend sitting down with you, explaining the business. I heard Mary a few years ago on WCRF/MoodyRadio/ Cleveland, being interviewed for her new book, then, Thin Places.Thin Places: A Memoir I ordered it, devoured it and passed it on to my friend who teaches junior high girls. I believe she can speak to some of these girls going through the sexual assault and insecurities of this age.
I got on her e-mail list and about a year ago, before I finished my first story, she shared then how to query a book proposal and I printed it, feeling very insecure about the whole publishing process.
This e-book has all the information, encouragement and downfalls of the publishing world. Easy to read, yet technical in places, like the size font needed for different articles.
This is no rose color glass picture of writing. It is hard work, a hard business, years to pay your dues for sometimes little return. Except, if you have to write, this explains the stage, the play and the players. This leads you through the labyrinth of the publishing world. The most important nuggets I panned was first to write, write, write and then to always look for friends. Don't think of competition, but give back. Mary is a Christian and her lavishness shows this. I can't wait to meet her sometime at a writer's conference.
Mary has also suggested on giving away her book to someone who likes her facebook Just mention you read it about it on my blog.
Any writers would benefit from her experience. Take her up on this offer.The 11 Secrets of Getting Published
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