Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Don't Feel Earthquakes

I'm torn what to write about this evening. I thought about my memories and keeping with the flow of the blog, first day of 6th grade, but then there is this earthquake, that I didn't feel again. I didn't feel the one from Kentucky when I was a kid. I didn't feel the one in New Hampshire in 1983. I worked nights at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover and I guess the building was pretty steady. It awoke David, he thought it was a SAC plane from Dover Air force Base. I thought I was dizzy in the Greenville one when Mary Ellen was four. Her grandparents had her at the Shenango Dam Campground and Lyle thought she was shaking his chair. Even in California, a small quake, I didn't feel because I was in a car. Today I just learned about it on the internet.
Katie and Mary Ellen both felt it at their different schools. No one was home, I wonder how the dog reacted. Or the cats.
Well, I think it is too early for the kids to be back at school. It wasn't until high school that we started before Labor Day. It was like the 28th of August and we just groaned. Had always been the Wednesday after Labor Day.
My mother told of how they spent the whole day, Labor Day, at the Great Stoneboro Fair, closing it down. Then the long drive home, 30 miles or more during the Depression, back country roads to Sharon. Getting up early for school the next day, she struggled out of bed. Grandma Evans lined them up on the porch when they lived on Wengler Ave., instructing them to breath in that fresh country air. Cows were still in the fields when Mom lived there.
My husband's niece Hannah endeavored on her first teaching day in Culpepper, VA and they were sent home, as the epicenter was only 45 miles from them. She is having an earthquake party tonight.
Another day I'll continue with my sixth grade experience. It shook me up but I don't feel earthquakes.
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