Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family trend

Getting ready for a trip, a long trip for my daughter.  I think how my father was always at the ready to help us get where we wanted to go.  There's something inside us to provide opportunities for our children.  And I think a spirit of adventure, the pioneer, remains in us.
I remember one gorgeously clear fall day, my dad said, "I could just get in that car and travel forever.  I just want to go."  And go we did.  Which will be the topic of another blog since we're packing the car now at 5 am.  That's another thing we did when I was kid, start early and stop for breakfast.  I do not have a thermos of coffee, though.  McDonalds is good.
Family trips were great and it was usually to see family or friends.  Today, it's for my daughter to see her friends and hopefully, I'll see one, too.
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