Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just the Facts, Ma'm

I think I struck a chord yesterday with my post.  The first one I wrote, then deleted, sounded negative to me.  I checked Facebook while writing it and saw a comment about how we are ambassadors for Christ here on earth, so I started over.
Working mothers do have this constant struggle.  I know I almost didn't want to say how much I did love what I did, so my children would think I didn't love them.  Some days, all I can think about is home and I almost resent the time spent with people.  To strike that balance between the two extremes is a heart cry.
I propose that  the biggest lie my generation was fed, was a woman can do it all. They didn't tell you how hard it would be to leave that baby for the first time.  How a heart will close off a bit when a husband says he's bored at home with a curious, intelligent 2 year old.  The seething resentment that almost overtakes a woman  when she misses an open house, a play or concert because work demands her time and talents.
They left the impression a career would give a lifestyle like seen on TV. Yet, most jobs would not pay enough to allow the maid and momma doesn't come live with you and do your laundry.  Maybe this next generation with boys raised with working mothers has produced men that are able to help with the household chores and know the importance of keeping it running smoothly,  love to help with homework, baths, bedtime prayers and listening to the tales of the day.
Well, there is hope, isn't there?
Yet so many working mothers are alone and some even work 2 or 3 jobs.  I don't think NOW planned on the poverty, hardness of life and struggles of so many woman today.  Yes, a woman should have a choice, but she should also know all the facts.
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