Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back at the Keyboard Again!

Well. I 'm back to blogging!  Katie got a new battery for her laptop and now it won't just quit on me.  It was frustrating to write and then hear that whirling signal that there would be no power and the computer stopped.  I'd have to jiggled the power cord and then it may stay on or not connect and stay put.  I have enough complications and disappointments in my life without adding to it by a temperamental machine.  Ugh! Technology!  Seems can't live with it or without it!  Yes, cliche.
Our PC is in the shop now and we'll see what the damages are in the near future.  Really is more comfortable to type on that keyboard, but I'm writing and I'm ecstatic to do so.
I don't want to start with all the weighty happenings that have been circling my life.  I was thinking last night of all the events and didn't even want to touch on them here, yet.  I have no answers and no explanations.  All seem to fall very short and cannot even be begun in a blog.  I would not say this is even a crisis in faith, but all that is happening has left me like the Psalms, sometimes angry, sometimes wondering, but never wavering in the sovereignty of God.  I admire faith and pray that it is strengthened in the people who are affected by these difficult obstacles.  I have felt a mother has been robbed, a wife may be destitute, a little girl is in pain, yet faith abounds.  We, as Christians,  know that the real thief is the devil and all his evil, for Jesus said so Himself- the devil came to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.
I guess for not going to write about this I have said a lot.  It is bothering me and I have to explore my feelings.  Faith is more than feelings and I'm so grateful for that.  In all the troubles, I'm praying for these and many more that faith will grow.
My friend paid for my first pedicure this morning for my approaching birthday.  We had so much fun.  It is so relaxing and everyone in the shop was friendly.  I admire this lady who helped me celebrate my special day.  She walked her first 5K for MCAR in pouring rain that was suitable for ducks.  It is never too late to do new things.
Life is like that.   We have bad and good.  We do things we have to and then enjoy activities that bring us pleasure and achievement. I love blogging.  I missed it and was kind of cranky(well, a lot cranky, if you ask my family!)  Blogging was simple writing I could do and see as an accomplishment. It is a step in my goal to be an established writer, with thoughts that are out there and "out there"!
I'm glad to be back at the keyboard. With a promise of spring flirting around, I feel better days are ahead.
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