Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodnight Gracie

First of all I love people.  That is the best part of my job as a home health nurse.  When I complain about other aspects of my job, I get a vague sense the impression that I don't like tending to the ill may be leaving its mark.
I think the worst part about working is not being able to tend as well to my home as I'd like.  And home does not just mean the physical building, but the interaction with children, pets and neighbors.  Charting hangs over my head tonight, I've had two long days, getting home at 5pm, and realizing I have so much to do here, as well.  I commenced on charting, but then had lap top problems.  Almost 8 pm with almost 100 miles today, and yesterday, too.
I used to say when the girls were little, I wish I could be cloned.  I loved my job, yet so desired to be with the girls.  Many working mothers, I'm sure, have that dilemma.  I think the other problem is we don't live in the ideal world and yet I can see how so many things could work better without the restrictions placed on health care.
I think this is time for a cup of tea and stepping away from the computer.  As a favorite line from a movie, The Prize Winner from Defiance, Ohio, sighs, "I'm tired of this day, it's time to put it to bed."
Say "Goodnight, Gracie"  "Goodnight, Gracie"
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