Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music and Memories

Disney at the Movies was the concert band title.  They had just returned from Disney World, where they were not allowed to play any Disney music, so marched to Hot, Hot, Hot.  I so look forward to these band concerts, as to my untrained, band ear, I think they sound fabulous.
Two of the students put together clips of films to coincide with the music.  I sat back in the auditorium chair and went back in time as the images played on the big screen.  I thought I haven't seen so many of them that large, larger than life, for so long, since we have first videos and then DVD's and only new releases are shown in movie theaters.
Most were seen in the old Columbia, that was ruined by a fire in 1981.  Song of the South, Zip-pity Do Dah, the first song and I thought, yes, I remember seeing that on the big screen and now we'll never see it anywhere!  Then, I remember my dad driving my mother and I to see Cinderella.  The huge red velvet curtains in the Columbia matched the ones in the movie, as after the show, we went out the back way to look for my grandpa in his tan Oldsmobile.  Peter Pan I watched with my father on a sunny summer afternoon, as we then crossed the humming bridge over the Shenango River to the Army-Navy store to buy a pup tent, that I then played in all summer- any lost boys?
I'm sure Mary Poppins graced the Basil screen and I went with my sister and her friends.  The prom theme that year had something to do with a carousel, and any Mary Poppins books were for the purpose of copying the pictures of the horses, but don't tell a 5 year old that!  For weeks after seeing that movie, I sauntered on the sidewalk with an umbrella, trying to jump into it!
After Jungle Book, we visited my aunt and uncle in Sharon and I couldn't stop talking about Mowgli and Baloo.  Probably drove them crazy.  I loved the wolves and pretended I was the little Indian girl at the end, capturing Mowgli's heart.
Thank you, Mr. Garary for directing such a great group of kids to produce such sounds and cooperation.  Music creates mood, memories and feeling that the Hickory High School band brought together beautifully.
  Looking forward to the jazz band concert in a few weeks.
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