Monday, April 25, 2011

Comments on Another Post

I read a blog called Writer to Writer.  The series is now on what do writers do.  The one posted Friday was titled "We write, write and write some more."
I thought of how when Katie was a senior in high school with doubts about her goals and obtaining them.  I asked her,"Can you go a day without writing?"  She looked strangely at me as if I was asking her to stop breathing.  I asked her again, "Can you not write for a day?"  She always had a notebook in her hand with pen or pencil.  A laptop miraculously came through Fed Ex one day that winter while she was at a standstill for writing her novel.  She was at a point that the lap top sped the writing along and she could then e-mail what she had written to her English teacher that day.  A day without writing was unthinkable.  I encouraged her to pursue the writing dream.
I keep a hand written journal and write almost every day.  With the computer, I'm chasing my dream by blogging quite a bit.  When the PC returns, I'll return to the story I was writing when the computer lost it's power source.  I think that is how they put it.  It is more than saying I'm a writer, I hope it is living it.
Research, ideas and reading also push my ideas along.  I don't want to do the first thing this blog warns against- Bore my reader.  I do write what is interesting to me, so I hope you find it interesting, too.
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