Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Favorite Pastime

Again, blogging on a different computer, Katie's laptop.  Always seems to be something to upset the writing cart!  Next week, hopefully get the main computer to a professional for a much needed work over.  This is proving much more frustrating that I thought, since Kate's laptop keeps turning off.  I may not be able to blog and I have so enjoyed this. But I will push through.
I believe this started in my own family of readers.  I know my mother would read interesting stories from the newspaper out loud.  In my family now, as we are sitting around reading, if a phrase or paragraph grabs our attention, we have to share it out loud.  It may also start with someone chuckling and we ask, "yes"  meaning please share!
Yesterday, I thought, please if my books get published, may my words be read aloud, shared around a living room or table.  May I create clever, thought provoking phrases.  Now I'm asking for a reliable computer. 
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