Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Gut Instinct Validated
In my initial feeling stated in That Bastard Cancer, some ways of raising cancer awareness does nothing for the cause. October is one of those months. As it looms on the horizon, I will probably re-post this in that month.
We need to be aware of how we are manipulated. Relay for Life helps the victims of cancer- all cancer. I have a sneaking suspicion that the medical community does not want a cure because, Cancer makes money. Even when I worked home health, the hospice aspect of our company scoured the diagnosis of new home health admissions for a cancer one so they could be on the case. Why? Hospice is covered totally by Medicare and it makes money for the company. I'm not putting down Hospice, it is a wonderful service that is needed, but some days it felt like morbid obsession for a cancer diagnosis.
I hope I'm screaming in your ear- Show me the money. Show me the results. Don't be manipulated by pink or any color, ribbons or sexual innuendo on Facebook. I will put my money where my words are. And as always pray for a cure.
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