Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Do Like What I Write

I'm almost finished with my first read through of Outside of Time. I had about fifteen pages left before time for work tore me away from it. I exclaimed, "Oh, this moves me." When David realized I was reading my own work, in his fashion, drily remarked, "Well, that's an unbiased opinion."
I agreed, "Sure it isn't."
Then I thought some of those early rules of writing. Write what you want to read. I also read once by a famous author, I can't remember who now, "no tears from the writer, no tears from the reader." So, yes, I like what I write. Am I always satisfied? No, improvement waits on the horizon. I can always improve.
What comes out of my gut I like most of the time. I see the 'movie' in my head, desiring to accurately place it on the page. Yet, I leave some detail out so the reader can make his own movie details.
After the first read through, I'll really tweak the piece. I desire themes to mesh and sound strong, but not over powering. I feel the place more in the second, third and fourth readings. The place, characters, and weather live in my dreams and waking hours.
I walked today to clear my mind. Harrison needs to move, too, and is a much better dog after a walk. That helps the concentration as well. I strolled by my picture of courage. I snapped more. I need a dose of courage as I endeavor to publish another book. I fear editing, formatting, cover for the book. Will my vision float on the page? Will I format correctly? How much would an editor cost and how much will he change my story? I know it would be for the better, but I'm putting my soul out there. And will anyone like what I write? Will anyone buy what I write?
I gaze at that lion of courage. I draw strength from what it symbolizes. I review and write on. I have so many stories scratching to get set to page. I need courage more than ever. And I believe in my ability, and I have to like what I write. I hope you do, too.
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