Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday- From last year

I don't know what to say. The news from Iraq chills me and leaves me helpless. Child abuse of any kind is horrific. One post I saw had fact check. I couldn't link to the fact check, if the pictures were real. One was a child surrounded by pointing rifles. My husband remarked that it was pretty chilling, even if they staged that one.
(2015 it is the picture of a lion, the videos of Planned Parenthood discussing baby parts and debates that fill our news feeds)
If this post could save one from the harm of a monster, I would be hopeful. Evil runs this world for now. But I do believe love will win out. We also need to keep our eyes opened. Maybe we can't help those kids in Iraq, but help the one next door. Do all you can to bring awareness.
I know the stories from Iraq keep my problems in perspective. As I said, I don't know what to write today. Keep praying. Keep fighting. Keep your eyes open. And listen and believe.

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