Thursday, August 13, 2015

Come Again Soon

Come Again Soon
Mollie Lyon

I have this feeling I can't explain
A feeling I can put no name.
I think of summers past.
I see beauty that cannot last.
Playing and free.
My mother took care of me.
Dad, too, for the fun.
He loved the sun.
The beach, the yard, the lake
A picnic with Kentucky fried and cake.
Summer, summer, summer
Why do you have to end?
Visions of the shore
I want more.

 Names I could use.
The stories from this muse.
 Of summer change.
Of summer growth.

Mom loved September.
I do now, too,
But not as kid.
Putting on shoes.
Buying sweaters and jeans
The year I entered my teens.

Life changes fast.
Seasons mark the time
A childhood doesn't last.
And I repose on children mine
And their childhood is over, too.
Maybe the name should be Blue.

But I carry on
For summertime will soon come around.
The next year better
I plan for fun.

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