Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Mind

Summer Mind
Mollie Lyon

 the mind is fertile and numb.
Clear and hazy,
mid-morning clouds fading into the sky,
definition defied.
Growth under the brow,
unseen for now.
Three months, floating, whimsical. Slumber or none.
Awake all night, sleep mid-day
Miss the sun,
behind the clouds, it goes away.

On the horizon far off
a war stirs on the cuff
We learn not from years gone by
We change as the months fly.

War without
or war within
Summer's end
brings us to the front


                            We change, but can't see it in present.
Light increases till its descent
July nights are not the same
As August's dying flame.
September leaves the change to blame
on summer slumber,
to give it a name.

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