Monday, July 20, 2015

Two Sites

A new reader asked me why I don't have my blog on Wordpress. There were several reasons I returned to Blogspot. One, I understood it better as I set up there first. I can't remember the other reasons, except one reader at the time remarked he missed seeing the house. I did, too.
I got to thinking with the question last week, why can't I do both? Generate a larger audience could be a benefit. I don't have to give up the old familiar, but I could reach out to more.
Today, I make the announcement. I will be on both sites. I hope all enjoy. The regular readers and the


I need something to jump start my dreams of a career in writing. I have been down this summer. Easy to succumb with the rainy June, the job to pay the bills, and general dismay. I chose every day to leap over all those feelings and keep writing and believing. I admit when I get positive feedback it bolsters me. I believe in what I am doing.
I listen to my readers. If you have any thoughts on the two sites, please let me know. Comments on the blogs themselves, Facebook or Twitter. I appreciate your readership.
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