Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Again, I am touched too close to home. A young girl hired is accused of child abuse we found out yesterday. My impression at first was she was flighty, then I watched her settle down and work hard. She seemed drawn to me. Her age is between my daughters.
She told me her daughter died at five weeks old back in February. She hardly looked more than a child, herself. On a national television show yesterday the story came out. She had chosen to be on the show.
I'm sick. Tears swam in my eyes as I watched her on the program. I'm in unbelief. And again, I'm reminded how close child abuse can be.
The proof is inconclusive and not gone to trial. She lost custody of her first child, a three year old girl on the death of the baby. When the aid talked of her daughter, I again thought, immaturity. But it happens all the time. She never showed a mean streak.
I don't want to talk any more about this case, except to say what I have been saying. We don't know sometimes what is going on so close to us. I pray for discerning eyes. I didn't know this girl in February. She moved here in the spring. I listened to her. I wanted her to succeed. She had dreams to be a nurse.
I could go on so many levels here, from birth control to teaching young girls to not have sex. We need a heart change in this country. I love the life in this young lady and I am saddened to see it ruined. So many victims living in our society. I pray for her today.
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