Friday, December 27, 2013


I finally signed up for Hub publishing. I took time today to read the guidelines and the money making aspect. You do not get rich blogging, generally. I read about brands and some of the featured blogs.
Now, I rebelled in my soul. I have addressed this before. I don't have a brand. The name with "musings" should clue anyone into that. I have a hard time with bullets, numbering and how-to's, although I have played around with that style of posting.
The money making part is from Ad-sense, a fiasco for me last June. I asked readers to click on the ads. The noticeable increase created suspicion causing Ad-sense to shut down the ads. I had forgotten two years past that bringing attention to the ads was a blogger no-no. Big, heavy sigh and embarrassment crept over me. I continued writing.
I read an article about Southside Johnny today. He is a free spirit and never complains he didn't make the "big time." He loves his music and performing. He lives a comfortable life in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a dry town which I find ironic. I call it the Lyon spirit and I have been living with it for over thirty years. I wish I had embraced it much earlier, instead of fighting the expected "fit-in-a-mold" life.
Yet, as Martha often says in my novel, Main Street, "No regrets." I have a lot to learn from the women in my stories. Writing becomes my breath now and not writing is the regret I must avoid.
Godspeed in writing for me and I pray enriching reading for you.
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