Saturday, December 14, 2013

Do We Ever Know for Sure?

I wonder if western Pennsylvania or at least the Shenango Valley will miss the snow storm. Light fluffy flakes appeared for a short time, but then stopped. I look on Facebook and east is where the snow is on the map. Is the snow sweeping from the south? I think so, but I really didn't investigate it.
In central Pennsylvania, in my husband's home town of Emporium, the parade is canceled because Penn DOT needs the road opened. It is a state route. I love seeing all the towns doing more to garner community support. Last week, we ended up being in the end of my home town's Christmas parade, as I wanted to ride down Main Street. No red wreaths in the window of my old house or really any lights gave a bit of disappointment. We waved at the people stilled lined on the street.
But back to the snow storm with the hype or not, I always question. Niantic, Connecticut stated the snow started at seven am. The east, again, hit hard by the weather. I know we need to be warned. Still, bad weather sells. There is a channel banking on people's interest in the weather. The warnings blur together sometimes and one is not sure when it will happen or for how long.
My question is, do we ever know for sure?
What are your questions about life? What hasn't happened that you thought for sure would happen? Tell me your disappointments as well as surprises of events turning out much better than you thought could ever happen. For life can be full. Depends on how you see it, do you agree?

Emporium waiting for Christmas celebrations.
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