Thursday, December 12, 2013

Richness Grows

Ever have one of those days where you wake early, thinking you'll take this bull of a day by the horns and instead find yourself looking at the sun make dust circles in the air? Well, my day isn't over and sometimes it is just beginning by this time in the morning, since I changed to afternoon turn. The sun is lovely, but the brief encounter with the ten degree weather determined I would have flavored coffee, since it was still hot, and read. No, not even write.
I am going out for lunch. One girl has to be at work at noon and the others break is at twelve fifteen. I think that so much has to do with the waiting to drive, not wanting to make anyone late for work.
I am enjoying this morning C.S. Lewis' Perelandra. I love his preface:
  This story can be read by itself but is also a sequel to Out of the Silent Planet in which some account was given of Ransom's adventures in Mars-or, as its inhabitants call it, Malacandra. All the human characters in this book are purely fictitious and none of them is allegorical.
I read this the first time, again after thirty one years, and laughed. I hear Jack saying this is just for fun, "I had fun writing this." Maybe not, but that is what I hear. He wrote so much heady stuff, I think imaging a world in outer space provided a lot of fun. This book is an exciting read.
Years ago, I looked into books about spiritual warfare. The usual fare suggested was Lewis'+ Screwtape Letters, a listen to John Cleese reading it. Also Frank Peretti found himself on that list. Yet, this space trilogy shows a rich side of demon possession and oppression. I anxiously want to read the third one, That Hideous Strength. I vaguely remember Merlin plays in that one.
As a twenty one year old reading these books for the first time with no Narnia experience, much of Lewis' writing flew over my head, like the space ships in these books. I did enjoy them, but with all my knowledge now, a richness pours forth that I couldn't understand before. The levels peel off, from the spiritual, to historical to cultural, that I have learned over the years, or at least I should have learned.
The first time, I probably read them because they were by C.S. Lewis to impressed myself. Now, I read C.S. Lewis because the story is entertaining and engaging. I read the first time in that paneled walled second floor apartment with no TV, or internet, just a radio and no good radio stations. I read a lot that first summer we were married, as well as studied for my state boards. I never felt bored, as it was all new: marriage, housekeeping, Connecticut, submarines, a large river and Long Island Sound. I won't say those were the best days. Like my appreciation of Lewis' writing, our marriage is richer than those early days. The levels build up.
I have been out in slightly warmer weather, up in the teens, this afternoon. I ran errands and checked on my book at the downtown store. Now, in the pale sunlight of the last of the day, I think, a cup of chai and finish the book. I will be richer for it.

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