Friday, December 6, 2013

First Friday in December

First Friday in December meant the Garden Club's Christmas party. I loved when my mother hosted this at our house. That meant the decorations went up early and the house was especially clean. And she was calmer through the month, as well as not comparing our home to another. I loved our house, well, still do love the memory of my home growing up. That will always be home to me.
Mom would have been ninety today, if she had lived. She has been gone five years, yet I still feel the need to gear up for today. The two days after is my youngest child's birthday. Yes, they had to share Christmas and each others birthdays. We had parties at Mom's apartment downtown Sharon. We got so we love pizza from a pizza shop just over the line and at the top of the West Hill- Hill Top Pizza. I still made their birthday cakes.
One year, I think before Mary Ellen was born, I found Scottie dog candies to put on the cake. I made a layer cake and we celebrated here at my house. The first year we moved in to this house, I had a birthday party, here with my dad's brother and his wife. Mom's brother didn't like to drive at night, so he was unable to come. I made sloppy joes and a cake. I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, then, just getting over morning sickness.
The year I was pregnant with Mary Ellen we took Mom out to eat. I made cookies that year and walked up the hill to our new neighbors with a welcome plate for them. I went into labor early December eighth. They moved this past spring. Neighbors for almost nineteen years.
The last four years of my mom's birthdays we spent in the nursing facility where she lived. Pizza continued and I made the cakes. Or their fund raiser, spaghetti dinner Christmas party with local entertainment filled the billet. Early dark evenings bubbling over with family and friends. Then the last one, Mom spent in bed, alert, but too tired for all that activity. I knew then life shifted once more.
Rainbow Girl Christmas Party
This year, my daughter works on her birthday. I am a little let down. Life changes and goes on. The dreary days of late fall rush by. Our small Christmas tree is up with red poinsettia lights. Decorations are slowly appearing. I am geared up for something special, but I haven't bought the cake mix, yet. Maybe a Birthday breakfast with heart shape pancakes. Then again, she is nineteen and sleep may be the best gift of all.
Christmas entertaining

Rainbow Girl Christmas Party
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