Thursday, September 26, 2013

Your Opinion

I posted the picture of the old pay phone in New Wilmington yesterday. I sat in the building next to where that phone is with the woman who does my book covers. We discussed my book, Main Street, and how I envision it as part of series, but not a trilogy. We want to have a theme running through the Gables and Gingerbread Stories.
We also talked about how publishing is changing and most likely always will. I guess I really feel like I found the pay phone with the dimes, then quarters available in my pocket, but they quickly started using credit cards to make the phone calls. Now, I have the credit card and the pay phone doesn't work at all any more. Teddi strongly suggested I only put Main Street out in Kindle at first. I knew what she was saying, but I thought, I don't even have a Kindle. My younger friends do. My older friends hardly know how to use the computer. I feel I'm in between.
My heart says I still want to feel the book. I may never see my stories in hard cover with which I'm OK. I know I need name recognition. Kindle gets it out there. But only Kindle? I'm not so sure.
So readers, give me your opinion. Where are you in this crazy world of buying books? Do you want my book in your hands or in your Kindle? My husband's oldest niece stated she only gets books on Kindle now. Kindles are less expensive and no shipping and handling, I see that as a plus.
I also want to pursue some local stores about carrying my books this next week. I have pondered this before. With CreateSpace, I buy them and then have the store sell them. I need to talk to the owners.
I felt yesterday, I finally can reach the pay phone to find it is forever out of order.

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