Thursday, September 19, 2013

Worries of a Published Author

One of the reasons I went with CreateSpace was to free me up to write more. I have a plan to continue putting books out. I'm not Harper Lee, on many levels with just one book. I didn't write a To Kill a Mockingbird, after all. Nevertheless, I love to write.
I have days like today where I can't seem to concentrate. I sleep too long with bizarre dreams. I try to find a file on my laptop and it seems to have disappeared. I want to learn, but my head is dull. I lean on Jesus, but still stand on my own strength which is failing.
I need to buy some copies of Summer Triangle for those who don't use Amazon (like me!) or don't want to pay shipping and handling. Simple, yes? I drag my feet, feeling guilty to spend money. I know I could sell each one I buy and am still planning on donating to the local libraries and my place of employment.
I think of marketing and the business of sales, panicked that I'm limited. I fear I won't make it. I don't have that catchy brand. Then part of me, says lay back, don't worry, take care of your life and business, now, and let Amazon come through. The long range plan is to continue writing. I need to keep my job and do life right now.
Guess what? Writing is my life and I want to pursue it. I opened the window for the seventy one degrees as the late sun peeks through the fog of the morning that didn't leave until into the middle of the afternoon. I have eaten and the air freshens my stale mind. I chalk this day up to "one of those days." I am thankful it is not over. I guess it was so bad, I couldn't even concentrate on Facebook.
Now to find the file on Main Street, my next project...
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