Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mapping the Journey

I self-published Summer Triangle last month. I plan on doing the same with Main Street in October. I intend to finish Country before November when NaNoWriMo starts with a frenzy of writing for one month. Then the new year will be filled with editing and publishing those novels.
I am excited and filled with joy at anticipation of writing. I love mapping this journey. I love the purpose of each novel as the theme falls into my head. The fun then is in the journey.
The planning of a trip with the old map, spread out on the floor, Dad bent over explaining the primary and secondary roads. My father-in-law did the same thing and if I had a scanner, I'd post the picture of the Lyon brothers doing the same thing on a picnic table at Parker Dam. Someone was going somewhere after the reunion and the men studied the map for the best way to go. We peered at the paper map with the bold red lines, the squiggly black lines and gray stretches that only promised time and scenery. We measured with the legend the miles and sometimes the number was above the line between two destinations. Pictures adorned the side of the map with inviting tourist attractions in that state. The blow ups of the cities in the states gave greater detail. Overall, the planner could see detail and the whole with one glance.
I spent many nights exploring the old atlas. I recalled places I had been and examined maps of states I had never visited. I envisioned what may be in those places, near lakes, big rivers or mountains. I lost hours gazing at the maps.
Now, Mapquest or the like, gives intense detail, but not the detail in the big picture. You can even look at aerial photos of the places expected to visit. I miss being able to do the both at the same time like the old paper maps spread out on the floor.
I fly over my next year in writing in the imaginary map on the floor. Like with the real map, I only have a plan. The internet maps may give more attention to detail or detours, yet, a driver still heads out, not really knowing what may happen. A tire may go flat. A truck may break down causing a tiresome delay. A relative may get deathly ill. With cell phones, we know this sooner than in the old days, when an itinerary for those left behind proved important.
I set my plans before the Master Planner. I use His guide book, the Bible, and His way to insight, prayer. I love the journey and know I really only have light for the step I'm taking now. I plunge on ahead with the grace He gives. How is your journey?

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