Saturday, September 21, 2013

Four Days in August

My in box had royalty information on the subject line. My first royalty statement for four days in August after Summer Triangle posted on Amazon. I opted for direct deposit, so I can't frame it or anything. I guess I can print it and frame that plain black and white statement.
Royalties payments come the month after the sales. I published late in the month, glad to finally have it done. I wanted to see it on I am learning about all this business slowly.
My husband's reaction wasn't "How much?" but "You'll have to pay taxes on it." Yes, I know, saving the statements, planning on talking to a financial adviser soon. Oh, if it could just roll in with no worries. Guess I'll have to pay for that some day, I smile.
I'm laying the ground work for future income. I proclaimed the seriousness of making money with my writing it is for retirement. I know I didn't want to be doing the physical part of nursing much longer. Getting out of home health, where I first made that declaration after fighting with veins and wound care on my knees, the long drives between visits, the tense neck with snowy days and plain weariness of constantly dealing with other people's problems, has helped. Long term nursing for a registered nurse seems less demanding in some respects, but watching your back is a new aspect of which I wasn't prepared. I envy at times those who stayed at one place and now have a "fun" job, like Coumadin clinics, surgical sites, education, but I am happy with decisions made for my family.
I love writing. The business part frightens me. Courage, my word and picture for the year, keeps me going. I'm stretching and soon I'll roar. I need to get down to the serious part of writing again, though, actual seat time with words and story. Here I go!
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