Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Season

 I am watching summer hang on with a vengeance. The high today is to be 90 or 93, depending on who you listen to. Right now at almost one in the afternoon it is 82. I see and feel the heat. I knew it was too hot to walk my black blanket dog. He comes inside smelling of the heat's reaction with dog hide.
I can't wake early enough to escape the heat. Soon though this will change. I do love how the equinox's truly step in time with the calender. I miss my walks. I thought afternoon turn would help with that.
I have turned into an afternoon person. I sleep too readily in the morning. I miss the wonderful sunrises that I love. I live through the ones on facebook, especially the beach ones.
I hope to get over this phase again. I so did not want to be an afternoon person, but looked forward to relishing my mornings before work. Maybe with crisp cool fall weather, I'll wake easier.
With the heat now, summer is here, but not like in June with anticipation. Summer lost her promise and I await the new season. And my new season in my life as a writer.
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