Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have been down for a while. My spark to write had dimmed. I thought, "What am I doing? Am I fooling myself?" My page views dwindled. I felt I was going to repeat myself, that I was getting boring.
Last week, I received business cards that someone ordered, but my daughter and husband denied they did. I couldn't remember if I filled something out on line. They're from Vista Print, so they are free, but still a person took the time to give them my details. Is this creepy? Maybe a little. I believe in a God who blesses His children.
I believe I wrote about the story when Katie was at a crucial point in writing her first novel, she needed a lap top for the ease. Our old computer broke. She felt defeated. One snowy afternoon, FedEx showed up with lap top and printer in her name, leaving it on our door. Again, who was the mystery benefactor? We looked to the sky and thanked God.
Last night, I handed out my cards to the prayer meeting members. I was met with excitement that I was a writer. Genuine smiles warmed my soul.
With the decreased numbers, I reasoned, well, I am writing to family and friends. This is like a letter daily to them. To my family, preserving history, sharing our faith, and with friends reminiscing of a simpler time. I hear positive feed back. I take people to a far off place of memory.
I want to always lift Jesus up to be honored and praised. I will acknowledge short comings, fall backs, sins to be blunt. Jesus, though, always saves if I repent.
I want to mention my parents' anniversary. Today, a wonderful May day, they married seventy years ago. As you know they are in Heaven. I think how Jesus changed their lives, grabbed a hold of them and redirected a course of sin in a family. Strong marriages after my mother's parents' divorce. Moderate to no drinking after alcoholic grandparents and even Dad drinking in the Army, losing a whole paycheck one time. Love is our legacy.
To read what I wrote about my parents' courtship and wedding, read my post on December 7, 2011 "Pearl Harbor"
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