Thursday, May 24, 2012

Laying Your Isaac Down

Laying down a dream is an age old requirement it seems of God. He called Abraham back in Genesis to sacrifice the long promised son, the dream of his life. Abraham waited fifteen years for the son of the promise. He and Sarah tried to force the dream to come sooner with disaster still felt today. He finally has what God told him he would have and then as he grows very attached to the dream given to him by God, God asks him to give it back!
What? Give it back? Why does God put dreams in our hearts, then require we abandon them for Him? Because we are to have no other gods before Him.
My dream of writing has been a long one since childhood, but I only played with it. The talent given me by God helped me through many classes in all my schools, even nursing school. I loved writing, but not typing with the old typewriters. My mother often typed up all my reports, even, my mother-in-law helped me once with a paper for my community college class. I envied the ease with which these secretaries typed. So, with life, I kept my day job, became a wife and mother, caregiver to my mother and wrote copious words in volumes of journals.
A job I grew to detest did improve my keyboard skills. Finally, being able to afford a computer, knowing even what to get, encouraged the writing more. Praying over my writing, feeling God has given me stories to tell, I continue to hone my craft, the talent from God.
I started though to get obsessed with getting noticed, published, creating a platform. I spent more time reading on the glitzy ideas than writing. My job got busy, my health started to decline, life seemed to throw me one curve ball after another. I wanted the fame, but deep down, maybe not to honor God in the way I should. He wanted my all, not just a nod in His direction.
Phil Vischer in his book, Me, Myself and Bob, gives the story of his rise in Veggie Tale fame, living his dream, but he forgot God along the way. Mismanagement lost his company, but he also had to realize he really wasn't following God like at first. He felt superior to other people, like the grocery store clerk, treating her like a non person. His dream had to go, to be restored by God later. Now he has a wonderful video series, What's in the Bible? that teaches kids(and adults) what's in the Bible very clearly with puppets! Humorously, as well.
So what is your Isaac? What do you have to lay down for God to pick up, give a renewal to your life, and perspective on the dream? Give it back to God. Put Him first in your life. Let Him know you love Him with all your heart, mind, body and soul.  Lay your Isaac down.
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