Monday, May 21, 2012

Cool of the Evening

In my pleasure of Poland Forest, I do not want you to think I have lost my love of Buhl Farm Park down the street from me. Both expressions of beauty enthrall me. The wild forest, the hearty wild flowers, the green underbrush, the untamed land of a forest beckon me to explore.
Fountain in Rose Garden
The well trimmed trees, the planted roses of the Rose Garden or as it was named, the Sunken Garden, recently.All the well cared for flowers are wonderful. The evening sun throwing shadows on the expanse of manicured lawn of Buhl Farm thrills me as I stroll in the evening.
Genesis chapter three comes to mind. God walks in the Garden of Eden, in the cool of the evening. I see the light filter through the trees with golden curtains of light. Adam and Eve had eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They are hiding from God.  Did they play hide and seek before this with God as innocent children?
There are many questions about the beginning. I had heard the Garden of Eden was a very large area of land.  Was it manicured or wild or both? I wonder how long Adam and Eve played in the Garden before the serpent showed up to tempt them. I do imagine they delighted in God's visits, as He rejoiced in His creation, sweet communion. The verse of God searching for them intrigues mankind. He is on the look out for His children.
Jesus' mission on Earth was to seek and save what was lost. Over and over again, we read how He determined to talk to individuals; Matthew, a tax collector, as well as another, Zacchaeus. There are no chance encounters with the Lord.
Looks like a fairy tale

Summer Sunset over Lake Julia

The Gazebo at the top of the Kite Field

The Casino

Inside the Sunken Garden
Today, Jesus is still on the trail of sinners and saints alike. Don't hide behind fig leaves of good deeds. The Church has to open to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as He calls for her in the cool of the day. Wake up to the presence of Jesus in our midst. He's always there, open our eyes.
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