Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of May 1973

Gerri Lee and Debbie visited home often, before Debbie attended school. We relished this time. Debbie was so fun. She enjoyed playing with Sharon Hatch, when they moved into the manse next door. I loved hearing the little voices calling out, "Aunt Mollie." I often commiserated with the mothers at the little league games about not being able to tell three year olds apart. I felt so mature at twelve.
They visited the end of May. Watching the Memorial Day parade from our front porch was more fun with them. We packed up the car to go on our day trips. One day to Pymatuning, a favorite of my dad's. How can you pass up the carp in the spill way or the natural history museum? Dad couldn't and we often made the trip.
Debbie and I at Sea World
A new place to frequent was Sea World in Aurora, OH. This year when we visited, the Mike Douglas Show had camped out this week. Most likely why we took the journey. Mike Douglas is not to be confused with Michael Douglas, the actor. Mike Douglas hosted a talk show out of Philadelphia, but road shows are popular. Frankie Valli, Robert Conrad and a popular comedian at the time, that I just can't remember his name or any movie he was in to look it up. We sat under the shade watching the filming of the TV show and water skiing baby elephants. I was not happy in this picture that I had to be the boy, though.
The best of all these expeditions was being together. I loved the places we went and am grateful the experiences. Hanging out in the yard with my sister and niece or in the living room watching TV, walking to Erikson's were just as delightful. Feeling like a bigger family made me so happy I still miss those times.
Jody also graduated from high school this year. She and Dan had gone to prom. Dan wore his Marine dress blues to match Jody in her powder blue gown. I didn't go to graduation, but Mom and Dad went. I rode my bike around the church's circle, eying the cars turning into School Street.
Life is good with wonderful three year old.
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