Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rules and Do You Agree?

One of the writing blogs I read is on a series about"Capitalization Rules," by Kathy Ide. She states the new rules are a writer should not capitalize the pronouns for God or Jesus. A writer may appear archaic if she does.  She also suggested the writer check with the publisher's policy. Would this be a "deal breaker" in publishing one's writing.
When I'm in this situation of being published, how will I react? Will it be a "deal breaker?" I have always capitalized the divine pronouns, always. This is what I have been taught since a small child. This is how it looked on all those memory verse cards. I believe the Bible I earned in third grade has the capitalization rule.
I noticed in the last few years that sometimes the pronouns were not capitalized. I noted the trend, but was not pleased. Now, I have to examine my thoughts on this, as well as other ideas from my childhood. Am I old fashioned or traditional? Or is this, as I feel, the right way to write? Can I continue to use the capitalization because my stories, so far, are set a century ago, when that rule was the rule?
Kathy Ides proposes the capitalization does not reflect respect, because Satan and Hitler are also capitalized. "But in the English language, capitalization is mainly used to distinguish specific things from general things." Hm, isn't the one of an only kind, Jesus, specific? Shouldn't He be set apart?
My question to you my readers is, "Does my capitalization of the pronouns for God and Jesus distract you and do you find it old fashioned or quaint?" I'm not sure I'll change how I write, but I am curious.
And the bigger question to me is, "Just because it is modern, is it right? Is it how I should change?" Or the old cliche, if everyone is jumping off the bridge does that mean you should? Listen to your mom.
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