Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Prom Memories

Hickory High School did not have an after-prom like we did and danced till six am. We could only leave after midnight and before six if a chaperone phoned the parents for permission. The day after the kids did various things, travel to Cedar Point- a really long drive, Geauga Lake, a little closer or after my first prom, we went horseback riding.
I was a fairly experienced rider, since I first learned from Mary Ellen's prom date's grandmother, Marge Williams and then Darlene Biros took a much more in depth training with me in junior high and I was still riding her Palomino. But, I ended up having an asthmatic horse that could hardly trod the trails at the stable across from the Wilson Murder house on State Route 318 outside of Mercer. My date kept glancing behind him, wondering why I held back. I'm not holding back, I felt like screaming. This horse is going to keel over. We got to the end of the trail, heading downhill to the barn. Then the almost dead horse perked up, wheezing and running to the food. What a motivator for animals.
After the embarrassing stable experience, the four of us romped around Buhl Park. I guess we dined after, I can't recall.
The next year, another foursome, found us at Geauga Lake Amusement Park. Both boys were infatuated with the other girl, her date wanted to get engaged and she didn't. She wanted to get back together with my date. Her date didn't want to spend time with me, nor I with him. I tried to just enjoy the rides. On the way home, the girl sat in the back with me, my date sat in front of her, his head squeezed between the door and seat, holding her hand, in low tones reassuring her. Her date, stoned face, driving furiously all the way back to West Middlesex. I'm not sure if I kissed the ground when I got home, but I was glad that day was over.
Until 1970, the prom was held in the high school gym. The elementary students as a class, toured the finished project. The science department possessed a skeleton, that always became part of the scenery. Arabian nights placed him half buried in the sand. The little kids just loved that. Getting out of the classroom was a treat enough, but that skeleton thrilled everyone. The first outside proms were at the Oaktree Country Club. Eventually, they ended up at the Sheraton, with Grand March around the courtyard, outside, around the building to the ball room, where we ate a mediocre dinner that I felt bad the date paid a large amount. I think it was $15. Too much for that food. This year, the couple ticket cost $70, with which we helped .
My sister, Diane, has a great prom story, too. I keep asking her to guest blog, but she hasn't yet. So maybe tomorrow, I'll tell her story.
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