Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Visiting

The week between Christmas and New Year's brought the Christmas visiting season. The relatives came to our house for Christmas Day to see Grandma. An open house all day for anyone to pop in, too. One year the chex mix was the hit as everyone had tired of sweets.
Visiting let you see the toys and gifts that the other cousins got. They were displayed under the tree and shown off. Coffee for the adults and pop for the kids, cookies and other deserts brought out so that rolling out of the homes was expected.
One year, I ventured out on Christmas Day with my new bike to my neighbor's house, the Powell's. That was highly unusual to actually visit on Christmas Day. The day had been one of those green Christmas and we were older.
I mostly remember driving around in the gray, everything seemed dull outside, but inside, oh, the fun of seeing the others' toys. One year, even Uncle Dale had a fun "toy," a cigarette roller. I rolled a cigarette or two that day.
As sisters grew older, they came home with children. One of my gifts from my oldest sister was picking out a movie to see over the Christmas break. Such a hard choice since this is when all the Oscar movies opened.
A cousin, Paula, insisted on treating us to lunch, more affordable than dinner, at the old Masion Buhl. We were amazed to see the price of coffee double for the evening meal. We dressed in our best clothes and enjoyed the "girl" talk in the rich, dark setting. It seemed a rite of passage to me, and the older nieces, too.

This week, anyone could show up. Life held that wonder of who could walk through the door. Did anyone work that week? It sure seemed that no one did.
1978, Mom had the open house for all the family on both sides, the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's. Again, everyone dressed up and we all visited with a lots of food, probably the punch bowl set on the dining room table.
My dad's niece then took over for this party when the years and illness slowed down my parents. Christmas time, a time to be together and eat.
Come, visit!
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