Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Wreath and Clothes

In middle childhood, seemed my church brought back some old traditions, like Christmas Eve service and the lighting of the Advent Wreath. Families took turns with the carrying out of this part of worship.
One Sunday, a family didn't show up or the church forgot to slide a family in that slot. We were unprepared, but with my father being an elder and responsible, stepped up to the plate. His partner, my mother, was home in bed as she didn't feel well. I eagerly agreed to be on the team with my dad.
The problem this year as a seventh grader, the skirt I had on to be in front of the whole congregation, was a short gray felt with flowers sewn on. I wore a white satin blouse as the style of the year- very in. It wasn't my best outfit or even a Christmas outfit. I'm sure we did a great job pinch hitting on short notice. My dad read the devotional and I lit the candle.
The problem came when we got home and told Mom about our church experience. She ran back to bed with the monster headache because her daughter wore that outfit on the dais. Dad and I felt bad, but knew we couldn't have said no for the worship service.
So, next time we criticize clothes in church, remember, maybe the mother is sick or isn't, now, even in the picture. The styles have changed as has the family. But let's accept the children's offering of worship.
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