Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leave Me Alone

I thought of young mothers today, needing one day to sleep in. When my oldest was a baby, I worked afternoon turn in CCU, then med/surg to rehab. A lot of walking and stress. Most mornings I got up at eight to care for my baby and the household. We young mothers liked this because we gave our best to our family and home first, then slugged it out at the hospital.
Every other weekend I was off. On only the Saturday I asked for a day to just sleep in. Stretch in the bed. Get up when I wanted. I loved caring for my daughter. It is the best thing in the world, I ever do, loving my family, my daughters. But we all need a rest occasionally. I think how we can all say, "Just leave me alone."
I considered, what if our husbands did leave us alone? What if we got our wish? What if they were taken away from us? Oh guilt crouching at my door.
Then Felix, Festus, and Agrippa from Acts came to mind. Paul presented the Gospel story to all three on his way to Rome, during his legal trials. This is near the end of the book of recorded Acts, chapters 23-26. All three basically told Paul to leave them alone. Paul wished for them all to be like him, except for "these chains" (Acts 26:29.) It is never recorded if these men ever accepted Jesus as their savior.
In times of trial, I have felt very close to Jesus and I thought that thought, "except for these chains," I wish everyone could experience this joy of relationship with Jesus. Trials sometimes are what bring us to Jesus. Knocking us off our horse like Paul straight on our backs, so we can only look up. Don't follow the example of the three foolish men.
Because even though God wants none to perish(2 Peter 3:9,) He will leave you alone without a more convenient time like Felix said. He wanted Paul to bribe him, but the first time he heard the Gospel, he was frightened. He was not as tender to the message after the first time of hearing it. Don't roll over in your spiritual bed, telling God,"Leave me alone."
He just might.
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