Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Expectancy

Oh, Christmas Eve day is here. The night of miracles and magic hedges on the horizon.
At six, the stores close ushering in the sacred mood. The rushing at the mall, plazas and grocer hushes. Now can God break through?
I was ten years old for my first Christmas Eve church service. Before eleven o'clock, we walked over to the church in the dark quiet. More carols were sung than usual. Before the last one, we exited the sanctuary silently, circling the circumference of the drive with candles lit. The last carol of the service was Silent Night.Then in our continued silence after singing, the bell rang in Christmas Day. I was thrilled. "Merry Christmas" on the Day greetings to everyone. Such joy. Hugs and cheer, the Day is here.
I also was overjoyed to be able to open one present. I still believe in Santa, so it was from my parents. Santa would come later with his unwrapped presents. My surprise, a black plastic horse with white markings. Friends of my sister's also sat up for awhile, creating a different Christmas.
What happens on that Eve and through the early morning seclusion? A transformation to wonder. The idea that a dream will come true. Our desires will be fulfilled. A miracle can happen. Sometimes they do, other times, our loved one is still sick. The car with a bow didn't show in the driveway. The kids tire of their toys quickly or they are disappointed with much emotion.
Each year, though, we anticipate the one Day of the year when anything can happen. Keep that belief of miracles. The greatest miracle happened on the first Christmas, as the Light of the World stepped down into darkness. Don't miss the Light.
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