Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Quote From a Newsletter

The newsletter is RZIM, the author, John Njoroge. He serves on the church staff in Kenya and travels through Africa. He wrote about his trip to Rwanda:
"Various thoughts keep throbbing in my mind: Well, you've gone to several places in the world proclaiming the power of the gospel. Where is that power in  the predicament of the people of Rwanda? Where was it in 1994 when an estimated eight hundred thousand to one million people were brutally massacred in less than one hundred days? My solemn instincts compel me to join hands with the people of Rwanda and redirect those questions to God.
But it is in times like this that God's answer silences the deepest, most probing of questions, for His answer to our pain is the Cross. Christ is the ultimate wounded healer. So, no, I did not come here to bring answers, I came to point to Him, I come falteringly and imperfectly but with full assurance of His abiding presence and shining glory, even in the midst of a palpable darkness. You see, a gospel that will not preach in a place like Rwanda is not the gospel of Christ."
To me this says it all about addressing the question of pain and suffering. We can't answer those questions, but by pointing to God. Christ said, "If I be lifted up, all men will come to Me." We lift Jesus up. We are His hands and feet in this world. Jesus died for all, the nations need to know.
So, in your hardest place, if your gospel does not heal, it is not the gospel of Christ. For all those tear drops, for all those pains, for all those hurts, Jesus hung on the Cross and claimed victory with His resurrection. It is universal, yet very personal. He did it for you. Point to Jesus and let Him do it all.
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