Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christianese, Here?

Christian writers and most all of overly enthused Christians have been warned to watch our "Christianese" in talking to non-Christians. I've noticed that a radio station to which I occasionally listen has more of those religious, biblical phases.
I picked up listening to the Summit out of Akron,OH a few months ago after glancing a bumper sticker promising the "sound of New Orleans" on 90.7. It is easier at times to change radio stations while I'm driving around than fishing for CD's in the wallet. Plus I thought a new sound, with Mary Ellen so interested in the Disney movie, Princess and the Frog, of New Orleans would prove a change.
I'm not sure what radio station was advertised, maybe the car was a transplant because the format is a progressive rock station, a public radio station with no annoying commericials. I enjoy some of the songs, the ones that do not honor God, I quickly shut off.
I have noticed that there are many references to religious themes. Maybe not theologically correct, but Christianese is on these songs. "Roll Your Stone Away,"by Mumford and Sons, another group called Noah and the Whale, totally wrong person, but grabs your attention, now I hear heart of gold, and heavy load. What got me to thinking about this was, "cross to bear." I thought,"Wow, I'm hearing a lot of rededemption ideas, maybe more than even a Christian radio station."
Listening to this could make a person angry. I find myself instead praying for the "mixed up"Biblically challenged, instead enjoying the simplistic, clean format and a few memories, clever phrasing,and admiring the creativity.
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