Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Post or Not To Post

The flashing cursor. I'm not sure what to write about. Behind in charting for work, hard to get motivated. I get my lap top tomorrow after the Geek Squad loads it up for me!
I'm getting excited for NaNoWriMo as I mentioned before. I find myself driving by Christina's house on St Rt OH 193. I think for the month of November I will write about her, the second in my storiesGables and Gingerbread, "Country" This will be a month with 1667 words a day. No time to edit. I think a bit like blogging, but not published immediately.
More imminent on my horizon is my trip to California with my youngest daughter to tour colleges, visit my sister, niece and her rambunctious children. I wonder at how fast it has come. When reservations were made I believe back in July, I could hardly imagine the dates. Now I'm on the door step, planning gifts, buying gifts,hair cuts, last minute items I need, soon laundry, packing,with a busy week in the evenings.
I've decided sleep in the evening will be my priority. Sorry, this is not my best posting. I just hadn't written for a while and feel the need to be "out there." I must admit I can't wait for the lap top. Now I'm trying to do this while Ratatoulle extra features and music wraps around my head. So I may remove this tomorrow. If you read this and then it is gone, I deem this not worthy in light of the day. Good night.
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