Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On My New Lap Top

This morning I was thinking of the flashing cursor. We have a lot of flashing in our lives- the alarm, warning lights, someone tapping their fingers while they wait for a decision. But life doesn't stop while the flashing goes on, does it? Wouldn't that be interesting, if we could just wait to jump into life at times?
Just like this writing. That cursor can just flash, flash, while I think, make that decision, go to the bathroom, especially now I have my own lap top. We can't always wait though to live.
And how about that backspace? I don't like what I wrote, I can backspace before I save or publish. I really wish I could have a backspace for my mouth. Even with backspace, I write hurtful words or thoughts, make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Our backspace is only as efficient as our inner editor. At least we have a chance with backspace, huh?
Well, I am excited to have my new lap top. I walked in confidently to Best Buy to finally ascertain my next step in my writing journey. Now, I'm quiet in the corner of Panera across from the store to try out the keyboard and wireless. The ambiance of writing in the coffee house surrounds me and I like it!
Continue to pray for the Amish cult in southeast Ohio. I was told today that a journalist from New York interviewed the wife of a man whose beard was forceably cut. Then he ventured to the area where the spin off group is in a compound. He shared when he returned to talk to the wife, in all his travels, he had never encountered such an overbearing atmosphere of evil. My Amish friend comented on that with, "Well, if they worship the devil." Many of her friends and relatives are affected by this. Her husband is first cousin of the leader of this cult. It is a cult, like David Koresh in Waco or Jim Jones with his Kool-aid, with all the negativity of cults. Pray that the children get out, as all kinds of abuse is goig on.
As I stood on the farm enjoying the new pups, watching the newlyweds getting out of an old truck from their visit to calling hours, wondering where the chickens are for the future butchering, such peace on the surface. Yet, a man hung himself, his daughter was one of the servers at the wedding a few months ago, a daughter suffers from depression and the situation is better but still there with the rogue Amish cutting beards and women's hair, breaking into homes. Still chickens have to be butchered, eggs retrieved, momma dogs get some meat on their bones, meds given for the invalid in the home. Definitely, no flashing cursor in the country where it is a little slower, but not really.
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